Snap, just as quick as Thanos' gauntlet - we are now in 2019!

As we enter the New Year, we challenge ourselves with new goals, aspirations, dreams and new resolutions.

We reflect on our previous year and always promise ourselves for an even better and brighter one - even a new me (whatever this means).

2019 for us here at Debra Robson LDN is the year for our well-being, physically, mentally and spiritually. We have our own set goals, achievements and dreams that we would like to work towards both professionally and personally.

We are eager to see what each day of this brand-new year will bring, and we'd love to hear what goals and dreams you have set for yourselves. We want to wish you all a beautiful start to 2019, we hope that you live life to the fullest, that you laugh, love and cry until your heart is warm and full. May you 'HULK smash' every single one of your New Years goals and resolutions, however don't be so hard on yourself if you don't manage to as the most important thing is trying and giving it a go.

We cannot wait to welcome those of you who are new to semi permanent make-up to our tattoo family and to those regular clients who we love and adore.

For more information regarding our treatments, please give us a ring us on 0333 600 3031 or email us at enquiries@debrarobsonldn.co.uk

With lots of love,

Debra Robson LDN Team