Know Your Medical History

Debra's work is of the highest quality and I know myself and a number of surgeons who use her to help patients, that Semi-Permanent Make-up can make a real difference to, that we can't. So, she's the number 1 in her business. PATRICK BOWLER, CO-FOUNDER OF THE BRITISH ASSOCIATION OF COSMETIC DOCTORS

It is important that the permanent cosmetic professional enquire into a client's medical history. For specific medical related issues a physician should approve the procedure.

Healing time and the strength of the immune system are incredibly important. Some of the most common medical conditions that warrant permanent makeup are cancer patients experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy and areola repigmentation after breast reconstruction.

It is preferable to have permanent makeup applied before chemotherapy or in the early stages of treatment to reduce stress and promote healing.
A Doctor's release may be required for individuals who have recently had a facelift or plastic surgery, permission may be required from your physician to determine that the procedure has completely healed, this can take six months or more, but patience will guard against infection.

Anyone with medical issues that create a higher risk for infection, such as an artificial hip, mitral vale prolapse or autoimmune disorders should be on an antibiotic.

If you are on medication, consult your doctor.

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