Lip Perfection (Blended Contour) Treatment

Create luscious, full lips with one our specialist Lip Perfect (Blended Contour) semi-permanent makeup treatments.

After a personal consultation at our Harley Street Clinic, our expert micro-pigmentation team will use subtle shades to match your skin tone and pigmentation.

Our next step is to gently blend and contour your lips, through using semi-permanent lip tattooing, to create a fuller, plumper lip line that delivers a softly defused an ultra-flattering result.

Lip perfection before

Lip perfection after

Book a Lip Perfect (Blended Contour) Treatment

This is a semi-permanent technique that has been perfect by Debra and her cosmetic beauty consultants.

To book a Lip Perfect (Blended Contour) semi-permanent makeup treatment with Debra Robson LDN then please complete our online contact form or call us on Tel: 01992 210271

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