• Debra Robson Mirror worth £15

Debra Robson Mirror worth £15

  • Hand Crafted Compact Cosmetic Mirror - This is a handmade foldable compact mirror made with aluminium ad embossed with the company logo. This hand mirror is very slim which makes it easy to carry in your handbag. Dimensions, 7x7 x 1.2cm, Aluminium, 55g
  • Protective Compact Mirror Case - The Specialist Make-up Services Compact Mirror case is stylish, sleek and exclusively designed for the embossed mirror making it the ideal accessory. This fantastically designed case gives maximum protection for your cosmetic mirror. Dimensions, PU leather pouch, 8x8 x 1.8cm, 18g
  • £6.25 (£7.50 inc VAT)

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