• 5 x 5 Sloped Needles

5 x 5 Sloped Needles

Available in the UK, every semi permanent make-up technicians dream, the revolutionary sloped needles that can line, shade and fill. The result, the finest hair strokes imaginable all in one needle.

The secret is that all the needles travel to the same depth at the same time, leaving a symmetrical, soft layer of colour at the desired depth.

Key client benefits

  • C olour at the desired depth
  • L ine, shade & fill
  • I mplant unparalleled rich colour in minutes
  • E ven distribution of pigment
  • N otable immediate results
  • T ime saving

This is an incredible needle for full lips, thick eyeliner, smudgy eyeliner, full lips, brow "hairs" and areolas. It is completely wobble-free and floats in colour evenly at the same level. The healed colour is amazing. This single needle lines and shades and offers unparalleled rich colour in minutes.

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