Introduction to Corrective Pigment Camouflage

Corrective pigment camouflage is a procedure that is effective in the re-pigmentation of the skin lightened or darkened from scarring due to illness, injury, surgery and various degree burn accidents. Cancer patients, burn survivors and sufferers of conditions such as Alopecia or Vitiligo will benefit the most from this form of semi permanent make-up.

Women, who have had their breasts reconstructed after breast cancer, can benefit from corrective pigment camouflage to cover up scaring and to create an illusion of nipples and areolas.

Burn survivors can have noticeable scaring re-pigmented with our range of Liquid Perfection® custom colour blends for a more unified skin tones.

Men can also have their eyebrows thickened or scars covered with camouflaging individual hair strokes using our FAME® technique that will simulate natural looking hair at a microscopic level. For many of your clients, these procedures are not considered a luxury, but a necessity that will allow them to restore their self esteem, confidence, and quality of life.

This 1-day course provides tuition on:

  • Scar Relaxation.
  • How to work in partnership with cosmetic doctors and other medical professionals.
  • Natural, custom blended colour for effective Skin repigmentation.
  • Client considerations
  • Relative medical issues
  • Awareness of black and afro Caribbean and darker skin tones
  • Hypoallergenic versus hypoallergenic

Enrolled students will also receive FREE! technical consultation post training.

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