Colour Theory

From our experience and feedback from our previous students, they complain that they have not acquired the level of knowledge they’d expected from a training provider. This was mainly due to attendance in large classroom sizes, and a lack of time spent on this particular discipline.

The principles of colour theory are not based on a “good eye for colour” as many artists believe.

The Academy’s one-day course is an interactive hands-on induction for both experienced and newly trained technicians. Students work through our industry leading custom designed manual of problems areas. Then using a colour wheel we teach students colour relationships by studying the organisation of colours in a circle so that they can visualise how they relate to each other.

The Academy’s bespoke colour theory class is usually taught on a practitioner student ratio of no more than 2-1.

This 1-day course provides tuition on:

  • Understand how different elements of colour work
  • The principles of colour theory
  • Combinations of primary colours to create secondary colours
  • Accurately mixing pigments to skin tones and undertones
  • The effect that skin types have on the choice of colour

Enrolled students will also receive FREE! Technical consultation post training.

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