Treatments for men

Step into our discreet, relaxed Harley Street clinic - and you will feel instantly reassured that you have made the right choice.

It looks so natural that people notice your eyes & comment how amazing they look, but wouldn't think you had anything done...
Antony Rush - Head of Entertainment, five star hotel in London

It is not uncommon for men to invest in a 'guy liner' or a semi-permanent brow treatment.

You only have to glance at male icons like David Beckham or Johnny Depp to realise that the modern day man also cares about his appearance. Now, more than ever, it is acceptable for men to spend as long as women in front of the bathroom mirror.

For this reason, Debra has developed FAME® Invisible Definition™ for men, which offer you the chance to reclaim a natural looking facial definition through a series of semi-permanent brows, eye (guy) liner and lip makeup treatments. What is more, you can be completely confident your treatment will stay put, whether you are playing sport, in the shower, or on that all important first date.

Semi-Permanent Brows, Eyes & Lip Makeup for Men

For years we have seen male actors and pop icons adorn their faces with eye and lip make-up to stand out from the crowd. In fact, many men benefit from a little extra definition with semi-permanent brows eyes and lips. Debra says "Our male clients are far more conscious about how they look than our ladies, and we are witnessing a more even split of gay and straight guys in our clinic."

Debra Robson LDN provide a range of semi-permanent makeup treatments for men. Take your pick from our Secret Guy Liner™ for the eyes, Man Power™ for the brows and Boy Blush™ for the lips.

Make the most of the Male Grooming Revolution with FAME® Invisible Definition™ for Men and book your appointment on Tel: 01992 210271 or complete our online contact form and a member of the team will be happy to help you.