Scar Camouflage & Medical Semi-Permanent Makeup

"Debra's work is of the highest quality and I know myself and a number of surgeons who use her to help patients, that Semi-Permanent Make-up can make a real difference to, that we can't. So, she's the number 1 in her business
Patrick Bowler, co-founder of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors"

Debra and her team of expert scar camouflage practitioners are here to help you look and feel better.

We are world-renowned for our work in paramedical scar camouflaging procedures, such as our distinguished areola restoration treatments. Through recreating natural skin tone and colour pigmentation, our dedicated scar camouflage practitioners work with patients to redevelop their facial or body features after cosmetic surgery procedures or accidents.

Debra was recently instrumental in the reconstruction of her client's facial features, after a horrific acid attack that left her scarred for life. The treatment was shown in Channel 4's Cutting Edge documentary, "My Beautiful Face". After the treatment, Debra received a heartfelt letter from the client..

In addition, you will receive a consultation, a follow up appointment one month after initial treatment and an aftercare healing skin balm that will leave the skin nourished, toned and balanced.

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Semi Permanent Make UpScar Camouflage And Medic

Scar Camouflage with Semi-Permanent Makeup

Here at Debra Robson LDN, we provide a range of scar camouflage treatments as we understand that all scars can come in all shapes and sizes.



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To book a scar camouflaging treatment call the team on Tel: 01992 210271 or complete our online contact form and a member of the team will be happy to help you.