Return on Investment

The Semi-Permanent Makeup industry can be described as exciting, rewarding and satisfying – but the word that surfaces above all others is profitable!

Return on investment (RoI) can be exceptionally fast and here, we demonstrate how you can get your money back from just 21 clients!

Before investing time or money, students considering a career in Semi-Permanent Makeup want to know what their RoI is going to be. If they invest in this training course, is there a five-year return? Is there a three-year return? Or will they make their money back in one year? The faster the RoI, the easier it is to make the decision - because your money is not tied up for too long.

Most businesses take a long time to reclaim the initial investment of time and money before being profitable. However, there are exceptions to any rule and the Semi-Permanent Makeup business is one of them. Return on investment can be exceptionally fast!

The RoI of Semi-Permanent Make-Up

If you look at the illustration below (under the heading “Invest in your future with Route 21”) you will see that the investment is minimal. However, what is even more noteworthy, is that the RoI has an extremely rapid payback window - and the profits generated afterwards are significantly higher than other services offered in the aesthetic medical industry, using the same procedural time measurement.

If there is an existing business already in place (ie: a salon, spa, or a medical clinic) and this service (Semi-Permanent Makeup) is being added, then the payback is even faster and can literally be immediate by using the existing client base and organising in-house promotions of the new service. In concept, ten clients booked over a two or three-day period could recoup the total investment!

97 Easy Ways to Increase Your Profits

Debra Robson, author of "97 Easy Ways to Increase Your Profits from Permanent Makeup" states that generally in any business, satisfied customers return for further services. So in theory, even fewer clients could regain the investment. While not necessarily realistic, this time span would be attainable under ideal circumstances, but a month or two would be more in line with reality. This illustration is drawn simply to illustrate the possible speed of the RoI.

Invest in your Future

Cost Training incl Machine incl Business Start up & Support incl Starter Kit incl
Total Cost (incl VAT)

* Source pricing accurate at time of publication (Jan 2013) and displayed for illustration only. Please call us for further information on any fluctuations.

Rate of Return

Average charges (depending on procedure) £350 -595 per hour
Pay back based on an average of £350 and 21 customers

Average high street semi-permanent makeup treatment costs, starting from:

TreatmentTime£ Consultation 30 35 Eyebrows 60 350 Eyeliner top or bottom 30 350 Lipliner 30 395

Yearly Income Potential

To put the above into perspective as to what it means in terms of a yearly income, review the following minimum assumptions:

Minimum Assumption:

Typical Revenue £350 per eyebrow procedure

Weekly Revenue 3 clients paying £350 = £ 1050 per week

Treatment Hours worked 3 hours per week for 48 weeks = 144 hours

Yearly Revenue if you only worked 48 weeks @ £ 1050 or £ 50,400 per year

return on investment
return on investment
return on investment
return on investment
return on investment