Our training courses are quick, personal and very effective.

We run our Micropigmentation Practitioner Certification course over three days, with smaller, more personal classes to allow students to learn more quickly and efficiently.

You will save 7 days classroom time by choosing to join our Academy – that’s 7 days that you will not have to take away from your business or your family!

On completion, you could choose to take The Micropigmentation Advanced Master Practitioner Certification – and you will have been learning the same number of days that it takes to become just a Practitioner at other training schools!

How can you learn Semi-Permanent Makeup in just 3 days?

Before attending the live practical sessions, you study from a specially produced audio programme and comprehensive manual – all included in the price of the training. The required level of pre-study is approximately 70 hours, which you can study at your own convenience.

The training is intense and extremely high quality. You will learn the latest developments and techniques quickly - and you will have the ability to practice what you have learnt, whilst receiving personal coaching and ongoing support from our highly experienced master trainers.

If that’s not enough, here are 7 other reasons why training with our Academy is your best choice:

  • You get more: As well as being certified in Semi-Permanent Makeup, you will be certified in Debra Robson's own trademarked FAME® Technique, along with the strength of Debra’s reputation. This is an incredibly powerful combination to enhance your personal success
  • Our diplomas are fully approved and recognised: Our diplomas are recognised by Towergate Coverex (previously Woodgates insurance) and Professional Beauty insurance group. We are also recommended training provider to Hamilton Fraser Insurance Service medical insurance group, advisers to the Health and Safety Executive of Westminster City Council Environment Health and contributor to the Independent Healthcare Advisory Services
  • Personal attention: We have a high 'trainer to student' ratio of one trainer per two students, which gives you all the personal attention you need to create the success you want from the training. Our trainers are there to coach, facilitate, support and assist you
  • Loyalty Programme: When you book onto one of our courses, you will automatically be entitled to privileges such as discounted products, treatments and any future education booked through The Academy
  • Ongoing support: We recognise that the end of training is just the start of practicing semi-permanent makeup in the 'real' world, so we offer full ongoing support by telephone and email through a personally appointed trainer. This ensures that you get the results you want – whenever you want them. The Academy has been training and certifying some of the best technicians and master practitioners for the last 14 years. We can assist you in getting the best results for yourself
  • Fun! We believe that learning and personal transformation should be fun and enjoyable. You will gain profound insights and personal change in an environment that is safe, caring, fast moving, exciting and varied
  • Value for Money! The skills that you will acquire from our training will ensure that you are well equipped with the essential building blocks for any future learning and knowledge that you will gain when you start out on your Semi-Permanent Makeup journey

Train with a Master Trainer

Your Certified Master Trainer, Debra Robson: The Micropigmentation Practitioner Certification and The Micropigmentation Advanced Practitioner Certification are presented by Certified Master Trainer Debra Robson. Debra is the founder and Director of Debra Robson LDN Limited and the Debra Robson LDN Academy and she is utterly passionate about her profession.

Debra left her career as a beauty therapist and makeup artist to create the Academy of Semi-Permanent Make-Up in the 1990's when the look of the moment was loud, garish and overdone. Like all of us, she has seen less than fabulous results achieved by inexperienced professionals – and she is dedicated to improving the image and raising the standards of the Semi-Permanent Makeup industry.

If you need any further encouragement, simply listen to the words of Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Mr Rajiv Grover: “There are many individuals and organisations that claim to be the finest trainers and training institutes in Micropigmentation. Debra and The Academy would never make that claim - yet my experience is that they richly deserve the title.”

Further education

Now it’s time to discover just how much you can learn...