As a Career

Success in business requires training and discipline and hard work. But if you're not frightened by these things, the opportunities are just as great today as they ever were.
David Rockefeller

Before you Train

Semi-Permanent Makeup offers an extremely rewarding and varied career. The cosmetic tattooing business shows no sign of slowing. On the contrary the consumer is proving to be the catalyst to the growth of the business through demand - not just for the services it offers, but through demand for more proficient technicians, for higher quality products and for a more modern and clinical approach to the age old profession.

Before making the commitment to train with us, we recommend that you arrange an appointment with Debra Robson in our Harley Street Clinic, so that we can help you arrive at the right decision. We will assess your knowledge and experience, to ensure you meet our stringent entry requirements. We will also cover the following:

  • The benefits of training with Debra Robson LDN
  • An insight into the Harley Street training programme
  • An overview into the market value of the industry
  • An insight into the competition
  • How we can help you grow your business
  • What to charge your customers

Your role as a Technician

The role of a Semi-Permanent Makeup Technician - also known as a cosmetic tattoo artist - is to provide clients with stunning, natural-looking makeup that will last for months. Your designs won't wipe off - whether clients are swimming, sunbathing, or simply trying to keep pretty in steamy weather. Better still, you will have the power to boost confidence and create stunning results that your clients could previously only dream about.

Before treatment, you will consult with the client about the treatments they are interested in receiving - and whether this will suit their hair, skin tone, features, and lifestyle. This process will take about 30 minutes.

Health and Safety

Hygiene is vital, as contaminated tattooing equipment can spread infection and disease. Semi-Permanent Makeup businesses have to register with their local authorities; and follow byelaws on the cleanliness and hygiene of practitioners, premises and equipment to protect customers against the risk of infection. It is an offence to carry on such a business without being registered or the premises not being registered for that purpose, or to breach byelaws.

Marketing your business

The vast majority of our technicians are sole traders, which means you must be able to deal with general business issues. This includes maintaining a good business relationship with the salon owner and working with clients who can be difficult. Just like any other business, many new clients are created by word-of-mouth advertising. As a technician, therefore, you must have the ability to communicate with a variety of people.

Establishing yourself as a technician can take time. Whilst there are thousands of health and beauty salons, hair salons, and spas existing in the UK, some salons can be reluctant about offering Semi-Permanent Makeup to their customers. You will need the skills to highlight the additional income generated via a profit share agreement, the extra revenue share for the salon owner, and the benefits of Semi-Permanent Makeup.

The other option is to go alone - placing adverts in local newspapers, joining local business clubs, and attending networking groups. Driving traffic to a well-optimised website is also critical.
All these tips and more can be found in Debra's "97 Easy Ways to Increase Your Profits from Permanent Makeup" - a powerful marketing tool with the sole purpose of guaranteeing the Permanent Makeup technician an accelerated and sustainable personal and business growth, through a series of tried, tested, and proven ideas.


A technician is required to be adequately trained to ensure that they can carry out their work safely - and this may include basic first aid training and infection control guidance. At this time, there remains no nationally approved UK training course for micropigmentation, although a number of commercially run courses are available, including the courses provided by our own Academy.

Becoming a Semi-Permanent Makeup technician is not something you wake up one morning and decide to do. It is also not a career for people who people who are not willing to learn about the beauty industry - particularly if they are not from a beauty or related background.

The Academy prefer to train students who are already employed within the health and beauty industry, or have gained experience within a medical related industry.

The career of a technician is a business like any other. In some sense, this business is more difficult than others, due to the reputation some people still hold against professional technicians and beauty owners. You can succeed in the industry - but you will need to be artistic, motivated, and remain passionate at all times.

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