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Everyone loves a makeover! Celebrities are no exception and are a canvas for a collaboration of designers, stylists and make up artists to show off their work. We can all see what a huge difference good makeup provides and it inspires us to make the most of ourselves.

TODAY, more than ever before, every woman wants to look her beautiful best. However, turning back the clock with a nip and tuck is suddenly old-fashioned - being replaced by a new wave of non-surgical, semi-permanent makeup treatments. They don't involve knives, general anaesthetics, or the risk of surgery, and are usually a lot less expensive, and, to the delight of women of all ages, they really do work!

Leading the way in this non-invasive "beauty revolution" is Debra Robson, founder of Debra Robson LDN in our renowned Harley Street clinic. Her claim to FAME®? Facial Aesthetic Micro Enhancement... a plethora of pioneering unique and revolutionary new treatments for the eyebrows, eyes and lips!

Many of Debra's clients can be found in the spotlight, including Hollywood A listers and pop stars through to supermodels and Royalty. Debra is regularly called upon to treat clients prior to those infamous red carpet events, as well as for film and TV and she has prettied the faces of many beautiful "jungle bunnies", "Towies" and for other popular TV shows!

Despite the fact that high profile clients are a regular appearance in her clinic, Debra prides herself in offering a completely discreet and professional service for VIP clients.

"Many of my well known clients are fed up of constantly being snapped not looking their best without make up and ending up in the ‘stars without makeup' section of magazines! Many years ago a famous girl band member said that the reason she wanted her make up tattooed onto her face was so that she could wake up looking great in the morning!"

"Celebrities often have semi-permanent makeup because it ensures that they look fantastic all the time. People talk more openly about cosmetic procedures now, which I think is the reason we are hearing about it more than we used to."

Today, the demand for a 1st Class VIP service is becoming more apparent than ever. Following on from this demand, we are delighted to introduce FAME® VIP - the UK's most exclusive VIP service, providing 1st class excellence for all of your semi-permanent makeup needs.

FAME® VIP is an exclusive, unique service for the semi-permanent makeup VIP. Unlike no other, this service is for our clients who require privacy, discretion, coupled with a high quality service. We are FAME® VIP for a reason and have a solid reputation to prove it.

Now available: FAME® VIP is proud to offer semi-permanent makeup costs for all treatments.

  • Exclusive priority booking hotline
  • No waiting
  • Complimentary post treatment "Pamper Pack"
  • Out of hours appointments
  • In-depth bespoke consultation
  • Guaranteed appointment
  • Complimentary refreshments

FAME®VIP gives you the ultimate luxury lifestyle, and we are devoted to making each and every one you an exclusive client, taking you beyond your individual requirements.

Are You Ready For Your VIP High Definition Close-Up?

For those who need to look their best on High Definition TV Britain's No. 1 semi-permanent makeup artist Debra Robson has created a bespoke selection of treatments, exclusively labelled FAME®HD.

Imagine a smooth, soft appearance to the face, delivering flawless results which appear totally natural. Over the years, Debra has had an increasing demand for her services, so much that high-profile US clients are jetting in from Hollywood and Manhattan to take advantage of FAME®HD appointments at Debra's exclusive and discreet Harley Street clinic.

Debra's non-celeb clients are also finding that FAME®HD taps into the trend for clean, real-looking, less made-up skin - skin that always looks its best, not only in front of a camera, but also under the harsh fluorescent light of an office and in the unforgiving bright daylight!

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